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Wooden K2 Telephone Kiosk, Burlington House entranceway, Piccadilly W1J 0BD
19th September 2014 - 3rd May 2015.

The first red telephone kiosk designed in 1924 by renowned architect Giles Gilbert Scott is the site for four new sound works commissioned by Measure, a non-for-profit arts organisation. The historic structure installed under the entranceway to Burlington House, Piccadilly was the only wooden prototype made of this iconic design.

Marking the 90th anniversary, Measure presents a programme of sonic compositions by UK-based artists. Presented consecutively artists Holly Pester, Aura Satz, Dan Scott and Lawrence Abu Hamdan each probe the cultural role of the public telephone, its technological design and its relevance as a site for solitary conversation within a bustling central London setting.

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Featured exhibition

Duncan Whitley, Writing of Stones.

Writing of Stones is a site-specific sound work by Duncan Whitley, created for St. George's Church on Reforne. The artist's haunting installation resonates within the fabric of the church - built in the mid-eighteenth century of Portland stone - occupying its pews, galleries and nave with the ethereal and elusive medium of sound.

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Featured project

Frances Scott - 'Another way of reading'. A research residency at Swiss Cottage Library.

31st March - 11 May 2014

Another way of reading is a six week research residency at Swiss Cottage Library, and partnership between the Zabludowicz Collection and London Borough of Camden.

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Exhibition archive

Thems Please, Des Hughes.

Installed in the old newsagent A. E. Barrow on Chatsworth Road in Hackney the exhibition offers a unique glimpse at the interior of an old Victorian shop. The sculptures themselves merge into the fabric of the shop blurring fact and fiction together to create an alternative version of a lost reality; a surreal and often comic commentary on the monotony of the everyday.

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