New Telephone commission by Aura Satz now open

Aura Satz - 'Dial Tone Drone'
Wooden K2 Telephone Kiosk, Burlington House entranceway, Piccadilly W1J 0BD

For Telephone, Satz focusses on the familiar pitch of the electronic dial tone, a signal of live telephonic connection which came into widespread use in 1950s. Considering the dial tone as an open field of potential communication, Satz talked with electronic music pioneers Laurie Spiegel and Pauline Oliveros on the technological and perceptual implications of composing and listening to sustained musical notes, known as drone music.

The commission is a companion piece to Satz’s work 'Dial Tone Operator', currently on show as part of ‘Mirrorcity’ at Hayward Gallery.

More info on Mirror City here:

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Current exhibition


Holly Pester's commission 'Temperament, Temperature..' is now finished, lots of visitors to the kiosk heard her engaging and humorous work and an edit of the work will be posted onto the Telephone exhibition site.

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Featured exhibition

Duncan Whitley, Writing of Stones.

Writing of Stones is a site-specific sound work by Duncan Whitley, created for St. George's Church on Reforne. The artist's haunting installation resonates within the fabric of the church - built in the mid-eighteenth century of Portland stone - occupying its pews, galleries and nave with the ethereal and elusive medium of sound.

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Exhibition archive

Thems Please, Des Hughes.

Installed in the old newsagent A. E. Barrow on Chatsworth Road in Hackney the exhibition offers a unique glimpse at the interior of an old Victorian shop. The sculptures themselves merge into the fabric of the shop blurring fact and fiction together to create an alternative version of a lost reality; a surreal and often comic commentary on the monotony of the everyday.

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