Lawrence Abu Hamdan - Shudder the thought: a near future fiction in stereo sound, 2017

7 March - 3 May 2015
Wooden K2 Telephone Kiosk,
Burlington House entranceway,
Piccadilly W1J 0BD

Renowned for his examination of the use of the voice in law, Lawrence Abu Hamdan presents us with a prophetic tale in which we are warned of the advances of invasive audio-recording technology.

A man’s voice, speaking from the year 2017, tells us how one’s speech can be traced by measuring the indentation of its sound vibrations upon a surface. In this new world objects, furniture and architecture may all become complicit in storing our conversations. As the first machine to communicate the voice back-and-forth over distance, the telephone is the device used by the protagonist to proclaim his message.

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New Telephone Commission open

Liberation through Hearing - Dan Scott

Taking a cue from Thomas Edison’s off-the-cuff remarks about inventing a Spirit Telephone, Liberation through Hearing explores the telephone’s connection to the afterlife and other worlds, both as analogy and agent for mediumship. For Telephone, Scott has made a live recording of the default on-hold music installed on 64 million Cisco phone systems worldwide.

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Current exhibition


Holly Pester's commission 'Temperament, Temperature..' is now finished, lots of visitors to the kiosk heard her engaging and humorous work and an edit of the work will be posted onto the Telephone exhibition site.

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Exhibition archive

Thems Please, Des Hughes.

Installed in the old newsagent A. E. Barrow on Chatsworth Road in Hackney the exhibition offers a unique glimpse at the interior of an old Victorian shop. The sculptures themselves merge into the fabric of the shop blurring fact and fiction together to create an alternative version of a lost reality; a surreal and often comic commentary on the monotony of the everyday.

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