Memories of Wilton’s

The Wilton’s interviews were conducted by Sarah Gudgin from the Museum of London.

Pauline Hawkes was born in Luton in 1933 and is the great grand daughter of Annie Delmont, an actress who performed at Wilton’s Music Hall. After marrying, Pauline emigrated to Canada where she lived for 33 years. It was whilst she was there that she became fascinated by the genealogy of her family and her great grandparents connection with the stage. Here she recalls the story of how her great grand parents met and married. Pauline recently visited Wiltons for the first time and is planning to write an account of her family’s colourful past.

John Earl was born in Dagenham in Essex in 1928. As a child he was influenced by a Victorian book where some children were shown the sites of London by an uncle. An early pioneer of building conservation, he worked at the Historic Buildings section at the former London County Council. He was also one of the founder members of the British Music Hall Society, which was instrumental in preventing the demolistion of Wilton’s Music Hall. He speaks about his long connection with the building and his work in the area of conservation.

Bernard Bown was born in London in 1932. As a young man he made frequent trips to the east end of London and came to know about Wilton’s Music Hall through his association with the Methodist Mission and youth club in Cable Street. Although he had not seen the building since its days as a former rag warehouse, he recently visited Wilton’s and was reminded of his earlier association with the area.