Verity-Jane Keefe: Artist in residence at 76 Chatsworth Road

Verity-Jane Keefe is the artist in residence during Thems Please. Verity will make new work, including a filmwork in response to the space, which will serve as a document and also an inventory to the invisible history of the building.

Verity has focused on the physical fabric of 76 Chatsworth Road, documenting details of the building that reveal it’s 140 year history, the sounds, the foibles and the remains of A E Barrow newsagents and the flat that the shopkeepers lived in.

If the building is taken as a series of frozen moments, these moments will be shown alongside a constructed a soundtrack from excerpts of the British sitcom “Open All Hours”. The fictional shop in the sitcom and the remains of 76 Chatsworth Road both represent a specific time in the history of the British high street.