Evening events at 76 Chatsworth Road

The Bad Producer: Music for a Shop. 

Saturday 16th July.

A broken moment within the implacable march of progress…

A.E.Barrow becomes a repository for a glimpse into the past through the filter of The Bad Producer’s memory and machines. Taking inspiration from the time capsule of jumble, the dusty relics of local life, the comforting echoes of childhood sherbet dips, The Bad Producer enacts a non-performance of ‘source confusion’.

The past and its dying harmonics are injected with the crackle and hiss of misplaced nostalgia in the feedback loop of the machine. Don’t listen, remember the past as it never was.

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A performance by Rachael Perrin and Kazia Smith: Players always Please.

Friday 29th July

For the second evening event Rachael and Kazia invited the audience to explore the shop using music and personal memories. The performers moved around the building playing their clarinets sometimes in the shop, othertimes downstairs in the basement or on the staircase.

Each announced by the bell of the shop till, the three movements of the piece had very different characteristics, on the second Rachel and Kazia literally used the shop as an instrument, rattling tins and shaking shelves to create a ghostly soundscape that seemed to condensed 100 years of shop activity into 30mins.

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Many thanks to Duncan Whitley for the sound recording of the performance.